Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are the perfect accessory for smokers whether you use glass, vaporizers, rolling papers, or wraps. Keep your herb contained while you grind up or load bowls! Choose from 100’s of different sizes, graphics, and styles to find the one that best represents you. Start your collection today by browsing through the top brands and manufacturers like Be Lit, RAW, and a Leaf Lock Gear.

Many years ago when I first entered the tobacco industry, a rolling connoisseur named Chandler showed me his pride and joy.  It was a 1970’s era CLUB brand large metal rolling tray.  He showed me how it was from Italy and the edges had been designed with extra height and rounded corners to ensure no tobacco got stuck anywhere.  It was a rare tray indeed.  In the early 1990’s a company called Music City Marketing sold a melamine version of theDr Zodiak moonrock rolling tray, but it was shorter and would get scratched during use (leading to small amounts of melamine perhaps mixing with tobacco, according to Chandler).


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